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2 Years ago

To create an ideally enlightened environment in operating theatre is not easy as it seems. To provide the surgeon with a clear vision of operating area is an important factor that affects the success of the operation. There are some common features of operating lights to provide an effective lightining. Lets check these features together!

High Illumination Level

Tissues and organs are highly absorbent surfaces and they absorbe the light in great level. For this reason, an ideal surgical light should have a high illumination level. The preferred lux level should be minimum 120.000 and maximum 160.000. Since levels above 160.000 lux might create shining, this level is almost determined as the limit.

Adjustable Focus Diameter

A big focus diameter might make it difficult to see the operation area in a clear way. On the other hand, a relatively small focus diameter might prevent the surgeon from seeing the nearby area including trays and instruments. Consequently, an ideal operation light should have adjustable focus diameter.

Heat Control

High temparature coming from surgical light might cause dryness in surgical area. It will also create an uncomfortable environment for the surgeon and the team. In short, the temparature coming from the light should be as low as possible. An ideal surgical light should not create heat more than 0.5° C.

Color Temperature

Best type of lighting for operating theatre is the one closest to natural light. If the color temperature of a light is less than 3.500 Kelvin, the objects will be in pink and red tones. On the opposite, if the color temperature of a light is more than 5.500 Kelvin, the objects will be in blue tones. For this reason, the ideal color temperature should be between 3500-5000 Kelvin and should be adjustable depending of the type of surgery.

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What You Need to Know About Lighting in Operating Rooms