Üzümcü is a global supplier of medical technologies for our partners all around the world with our high quality innovative products. Over half-century experience in medical field and a dynamic team, we have been involved in many projects in more than 100 countries. .


Surgical Perfection...

Who Is Mustafa UZUMCU

Leader Manufacturer & Exporter of OR Equipment in Turkey

Sales & Production Experience For More Than 50 Years

We Export More Than 100 Countries

Founded in 1969, Üzümcü has always aimed to be one step ahead through the changes within its journey of more than 50 years and to contribute to the human health not only in Turkey, but globally as well by offering its production and installation of medical devices and medical gas systems.

About Us

Üzümcü Medical Devices, which was founded in 1969 by Mustafa Üzümcü, is one of the oldest and well-established medical companies in Turkey. By using the latest technology production tools Üzümcü Medical Devices has shown its innovative and open to change mindset, hence adopted the principle of advancing in the sector by rapidly responding to the new and changing needs of its users.

With an experience of more than 50 years in production and sales, Üzümcü Medical Devices offers operating room solutions globally to more than 100 countries owing it to an innovative, reliable and human health-centered approach. By promoting its products during both domestic and international fairs, Üzümcü Medical Devices does not only boost its market but also boosts Turkey's economy. With its research specialists and experts Üzümcü Medical Devices has always taken one step further toward its target, since customer satisfaction is the greatest source of motivation.

Üzümcü Medical Devices has a 30.000 m2 facility that is located in Ankara and the production is carried out in accordance the with international ISO 9001 and 13485 standards as well as all products are presented with CE certificates. Üzümcü Medical Devices acknowledges the fact that every human life is important and is aware in taking actions accordingly with this understanding. Which is the only recipe for a Surgical Perfection.


Our Vision...

To be a global brand that changes perceptions

Our Mission...

Making life easier with innovative products and solutions in the field of health

Founder Of The Company Mustafa UZUMCU

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